The T85 By Janobikes – The Electric Scooter Worth Every Penny!

The T85 By Janobikes – The Electric Scooter Worth Every Penny!

I was on a hunt for a great electric scooter for the longest time. After seeing all of my options, my electric scooter hunt came to a halt when I came across the t85 scooter by Janobike (link). I couldn’t resist buying this gnarly ride because the specifications were impossible to turn away from. These awesome features, simply put, make it the best electric scooter out there. It can go to a speed of upto 85 km/hour, which is insane for an electric scooter, trust me.

Furthermore, charging the batteries takes only 8-10 hours but lasts for a very long duration. This adrenaline-packed scooter is complete with double motors of 2800 W each. It also has double suspension on the front and rear wheels, which ensures a smooth riding experience every time. My favorite feature is the off-road wheels complemented with the ability to handle a climb of 50 degrees. The above features are highly comfortable and wickedly awesome rides for your off-road adventures.

Safety is no issue for t85 because it contains front, side and rear LED lights. As an extra safety measure, it has a hydraulic brake system, the most efficient braking system which even lasts longer. Moreover, the T85 is easily foldable, so you can carry your ride in your hands wherever you go – literally. In my case, I already have some memories made with the T85. Riding on this scooter has enhanced my zest for life.

All in all, I’m extremely happy with my purchase. If you’re in search of an electric scooter that makes you feel powerful and as excited as a little boy or girl, I’d highly suggest you give the T85 by Janos bikes a chance. It is user-friendly, built for everyone and anyone, durable, and will last you for eons to come.


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