T10 Janobike | Reviewing The Mind-Blowing Features Of The T10 By Janobike

T10 Janobike review will help you to understand the performance and advantages of this e-scooter

After breaking my last scooter in an accident and some of my bones, it was time to upgrade to a safer and reliable option. I’ve been testing out the best electric scooters to meet my needs. So far, the purchase that has made me the most content is the T10 electric scooter by Janobike. From getting around your neighborhood to your off-road adventures, this scooter is suitable for it all. You can find more photos on Instagram.

What is the T10 by Janobike? 

The T10 by Janobike is an electric scooter that is suitable for adults. Janobike has been a popular manufacturer of high-end electric bicycles and scooters for more than ten years. The T10 happens to be the best-selling scooter by Janobike. Whether you’re a male or female, this scooter is perfect for you. This electric scooter is not only a “beast” by design, but it has numerous features that make it so enjoyable.

Mind-blowing features of the T10 Janobike e-scooter

My experience with the T10 has been nothing but thrilling and fun. This bike has amazed me with its top-notch quality and features. Moreover, I’m extremely happy with their service. They were quick to help and answer any questions I had. All love this electric scooter. So what makes this scooter so promising?

Decent speed 

The T10 by Janobike can go up to the maximum speed of 70 km/hour. For an electric scooter, this speed is very high. On average, most electric scooters can speed up to 25 km/ hour. So, the T10 provides the best speed for an electric scooter along with other unique features.

The best braking system

The T10 provides a hydraulics braking system, which is straight-up awesome. Firstly, hydraulics braking systems are the smoothest braking system. When the driver applies force on the pedal, the hydraulic braking system multiplies force with the help of the booster and master cylinder.  Secondly, this braking system is safer and lasts longer. Hydraulic brakes rely on the principle that when pressure transmits through a fluid, it applies equally in all directions, i.e., Pascal’s law. The hydraulic braking system depends on brake fluids to apply equal pressure on all wheels. Thus, increasing the longevity of these brakes.

Powerful batteries with minimal charging time 

T10 electric scooter comes with a 23AH Lithium battery. Lithium batteries have the advantage of being more long-lasting than other rechargeable batteries. These batteries also function effectively in extreme temperatures, making the T10 a perfect vehicle for off-road adventures. The T10 takes 5-8 hours to charge fully. T10 can cover a distance of 90km when it is fully charged. It can easily help you reach your destination

Extraordinary measures to ensure Safety

This amazing scooter comes with front and tail lights. To activate the lights, it has a button on the handlebar. With these lights, you can ride around safely at night. Furthermore, it is has a loud horn. The horn has you covered when you’re riding at high speed. Not only this, the hydraulic braking system makes it a very safe vehicle for you.

Extremely affordable 

The most significant part about buying the T10 is that it’s extremely light on the pocket. You’d think that an electric scooter with such cool features must be costly. Well, it’s very cheap. This scooter costs as low as 1150€/piece and has insane features for a scooter this cheap. There’s no better bargain out there than this. You can order it here.

Dual Motors 

Compared with single motor drive, dual motors are more powerful and faster by 4 and 3 folds, respectively. Dual motors can also cover 50% more range than single motors. The best part is that if one motor stops working for some reason, the other motor can be used as a backup. So if you’re riding in a remote area and no one can pick you up in case your vehicle fails. T10 will have you covered. 

Explosion-proof tires 

For outdoor adventures, there’s no better vehicle than the T10. Even if you’re someone who shies away risky adventures, this scooter might make you want to change your habits. The 10” tube tires on this scooter are specially designed for rough terrain. Tube tires are lightweight, provide better stability and avoid punctures. Additionally, T10 can easily handle an inclination of 45 degrees.

T10 Janobike can be customized! 

You can customize your T10 according to your liking! If you want a logo on your bike, Janobike will do it for you. They even have experience in doing so, so you can trust them to do a good job.

It won’t occupy much space.

This electric scooter folds easily. In this way, the amount of space occupied is reduced. This feature also makes it easy to carry around with you wherever you go.

LCD on T10 Janobike:

The handlebar of the T10 contains an Lcd monitor, which displays all of the riding information. You can see power, speed, and gear can be seen on the monitor at all times, so you’re updated with your riding status. 

The Bottom Line: Highly Worth It!

It’s safe to conclude that the best seller T10 by Janobike is the best electric scooter in all aspects. This electric scooter is black in color and sleek in design. This electric scooter has many features which will make you fall in love with it. It has a high-speed limit, longer battery life, and dual motors. Hence, in terms of reliability, this vehicle has indeed outdone itself.

To reduce your fear of bumps, it also contains double shock absorbers for front and rear wheels. This ride is also suitable for rough terrain. Handling inclination and extreme weather conditions are easy for this ride. You can reap the benefits of all the features mentioned above easily as it comes under your budget. All of these features ensure that you have a smooth, comfortable, and bump-free riding experience. For someone looking for quality and affordability in an electric scooter, my advice to you would be to give the T10 by Janobike a try. 

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  1. well u missed out on many features and also the seat
    the seat is the reason I purchased mine as it is so hard to find a good escooter with a quality seat

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