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We can only resolve after-sale issues for purchases over this website!
If you didn’t buy from us, we can’t help you. Contact your seller directly.

    EU: 4-10 days
    UK: 4-10 days
    USA: 4-10 days
    Australia: 4-10 days
    Southeast Asia: 4-10 days

    Read full Delivery Policy.

    EU: Free Shipping
    UK: +8% Shipping fee
    USA: Free Shipping
    Australia: Free Shipping
    Southeast Asia: Free Shipping

    Read full Delivery Policy.

    We offer all spare parts to all buyers for at least 3 years after purchase.

    Janobikes.com will upload the tracking code to your order shortly after purchase.

    Track your order at www.17track.net with the received tracking code.

    Janobikes.com offer safe and secure payment by PayPal and Credit Cards.

    PayPal offers additional customer protection. Janobikes.com will resolve all your issues but is good to know that PayPal also guarantees the safety of your purchase.

    Janobikes.com offers SSL security and worlds most secure and safe payment providers.

    Janobikes.com offer SSL security and worlds most secure and safe payment providers.

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