Janobike 2000W

Janobike 2000W scooters are one of the best affordable e-scooters in the category of extreme e-rides

If you are not experienced in this field, you may ask yourself what is Watt and why is so important? Well, the short reply would be that electric motors’ power is measured in Watt (W). Pure power is not all that matters for e-scooters, as it needs to be combined with the most appropriate battery and other components in order to place the power into action. And this is where Janobikes truly shines.

Feel the power of Janobike 2000W

Powerful electric scooters with 2000W and above are not meant only for drag racing and people seeking adrenaline. Instead, they are primarily made for all those users who simply have a safe and secure path/street and simply need more acceleration and power than the small scooters of 250W.
“Hills are no longer hills” was an honest reaction of a Janobike T85 user after few weeks of use. Powerful Janobike T10 2000W will not even let you feel any hill as it doesn’t even lose energy or speed even to up to 45° degree hills.

Is 2000W not enough for your needs?

As much as 2000W power is, there are electric scooters with much more power. Janobikes’ second most popular electric scooter on the market, called Janobike T85, has an astonishing 5600W of combined power from the front and rear motor. However, this scooter is recommended for experienced riders that know how to handle its extreme acceleration and speed.

Never forget about the safety equipment. We strongly recommend always use a full-face helmet and other protective gear for your hands, knees, and elbows. Make sure to use a helmet that also protects your chin.

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