Scooter with seat

Scooter with seat is getting more and more popular. Janobike offers e-scooters with seats and a possibility to easily detach the seat.

For a long time, the buyer needed to make a decision whether to buy an electric scooter with a seat or to buy one without a seat. That is no longer the case, as Janobike offers a variety of electric scooters with comfortable high-quality seats that can be easily removed from the scooter.

Advantages of electric scooter with seats?

Confort. Especially for longer rides in rural areas where there is no need for speed and fast riding.
The additional advantage is the possibility to attach carry baskets on the seat bar, which is needed for users who would also like to do shopping or some sort of transporting with an e-scooter.
However, the seat is not recommended for road or extreme riding as the users usually have more balance standing on two feet

Scooter with seat: Which model to choose?

There are quite a lot of scooters that come with a detachable seat in the Janobike family.
The most popular is the Janobike T Series where all models come with the Seat.
You can choose from #1 Janobike T10, #2 Janobike T85 as well as Janobike T88, T88 Pro, and Janobike T109.

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