Janobike T10: The best electric scooter?

Janobike T10 is one of the top-selling extreme electric scooters in Europe, England, and the USA. What is the reason behind this fact?

The answer is kind of simple if you really think about it. Janobike T10 is an ultimate all-in-one e-scooter. It is just as fast and powerful as the most advanced off-road scooters. It is just as portable and practical as the M365. It has all, if not even more, of the world’s best features and top specifications of any electric scooter on the market. And last but not least, all of those advantages are nicely packed in an affordable pricing system. If you do any research yourself, you will quickly find out that competitor brands with the same specifications cost at least 30% more than Janobike T10.

Practical use of Janobike T10

The scooter is appropriate for most everyday situations. Enjoy it in the big cities, in your suburbian villages or take the seat off and go full off-road if you wish.

It is good for city use as it looks and feels very stable on roads and bicycle tracks. The extra power will make sure you never lack speed when you need it and will also make every hill look like a plain joke. The scooter’s full suspension will make smaller potholes and sidewalk curbs much more enjoyable to ride over as you will not feel every bump.

The everyday rides on mixed terrains, usually around the villages and suburban areas will be fully enjoyable as well. From nice asphalt to dirt roads, muddy or forest paths, snow or sandy beaches, Janobike T10 will feel like it was specially made for each separate terrain.

If you wake up feeling the need for adrenaline, T10 has your back. Take off the detachable seat and take it to the hardest of off-road terrain. It can handle the “craziness” such as extreme riding, jumping, tricks, and more.

Janobike T10 Electric Scooter for everyday use.
Janobike T10 Electric Scooter for everyday use.

The best for your money

It is possible to find a larger or smaller electric scooter, a faster one, or one with a stronger battery. But it is almost not possible to find an all-in-one electric scooter to offer all the best features and specifications that T10 offers in such a practical, light, and portable design. Janobike® understands that those good specifications are not all that matters, so they are proud to offer outstanding affordable pricing with included free shipping to the UK, the USA, and the EU countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (except Teneriffe) and Sweden.

  1. Hi!
    In this article you wrote that you can ride the T10 on everything terrain “From nice asphalt to dirt roads, mudde or forest paths snow or sandy beaches”. So you claim that I can take this to the beach? And ride in below 0° in winter? My question is what IP-rating does this scooter have to do all of those terrains?

    • Dear Savva,
      T10 water resistance is IP65.
      An IP65 rated enclosure gives protection against low-pressure water jets from any direction, as well as condensation and water spray. It’s suitable for most outdoor enclosures that won’t encounter extreme weather such as flooding.
      So yes, the scooter is appropriate for all day-to-day terrains.
      Best regards, Janobike

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